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X5 Project Set up

This form requests the minimum information needed in order to set your project up in X5, and replaces the original 'white form'. Please provide as much detail as you can.

Proposals should be submitted no later than 5 days before the grant deadline. 

Are you the PI on this project?  

Is Cambridge the lead institution?  

Funder deadline for this proposal   If the call is open ended, please input today's date.
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Proposed project start date  
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Please select any items that apply to this project
Does this project require a letter of support or signature from the Head of Department? If yes, please allow two weeks to obtain this, and provide a draft letter for signature if applicable.

Once this form is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation.

Useful information

For applications with a specific deadline, you will need to give the Research Operations Office 3 working days to check your research grant application

If it is an Open Call please allow 5 working days.

The final version of the application must be submitted to the Research Operations Office at least 24 hours prior to the deadline for submission