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New Arrivals

New Arrivals

All staff and students need to be set up with a University Computing Service account. On registering for the account, the user is issued with the following

1-CRSid {}  - CRSid (Common Registration Service identifier) is a login name issued by the University Computing Service and used to identify you on any computing system managed by the University Computing Service.

2-Hermes Password(email){}

Hermes Webmail is a service which allows users to access their email using a Web browser, so that it is accessible from any Internet-connected system anywhere in the world.

3-Raven Password(web services){}

Raven is a service used by many Cambridge University web sites to identify its users as University staff/student.

4- Desktop Service Password.

The UCS(University Computing Services) provides a range of services to support individual desktops around the University, making extensive use of centralised application, print and filestore servers, to reduce infrastructure and management costs to users and their Institutions.

New Staff

New staff is registered by the IT office on the Jackdaw registration system to receive University Computing Service accounts for Hermes (email), Raven(web services) ,Managed Desktop Service

New students

New students are usually pre-registered prior to their arrival for their Hermes (email), Raven(web services) and Managed Desktop Service Accounts.

Visiting Scholars and Staff

Visiting Scholars/Staff must be registered by the IT office on the Jackdaw registration system  to receive University Computing Service accounts.

New User Signup

New arrivals after registration will be send the Crsid and the registration code. The initial Hermes, Raven and Desktop Password  should be collected from

The initial passwords should be changed as soon as possible .

Changing/Choosing Your Passwords

More information on passwords can be found at

A word about Passwords

You should not  leave passwords out where people can see them. You should change them regularly, and you shouldn’t loan them out to strangers.

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