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How to apply

Individual projects are described in our pages, and enquiries about them are welcomed. In the first instance these should be directed to the Principal Investigator and email address named in the project.

More details about what we offer and what we hope students will bring to us are shown in the video here.

Once you have decided you wish to apply to this Department, you will need to fill in a web based graduate student application form. This incurs a fee.

You will then select the relevant course code as follows:


PhD (Probationary) in Veterinary Medicine: VTVT22

PhD (Probationary) in Biological Sciences at the Department of Veterinary Medicine: VTVT221

The process is described in detail here.

Other enquiries about admissions should be directed in the first instance to:Cancer cell

Dr David Sargan

Department of Veterinary Medicine

Madingley Road

Cambridge CB3 0ES

Tel: (+44)-1223-337686