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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School


I graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2001, prior to moving to the USA where I spent 10 years working exclusively in equine surgery. During that time, I completed a residency in equine surgery and Master’s thesis at The Ohio State University investigating the gene expression profile of osteoarthritic cartilage. Following the residency, I joined the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center as a staff surgeon where I remained for 2 years, completing the examinations necessary to qualify as a board-certified Diplomate of Equine Surgery. After Penn, I moved to a private surgical referral practice, specializing in orthopaedic and upper respiratory surgical disorders in racehorses. A years’ sabbatical cover at University of Edinburgh solidified my decision to return to the UK permanently, and joined Cambridge’s QVSH in 2011.


My role at the vet school is heading the equine team and leading the clinical teaching of the final year students during their rotations. As a board-certified equine surgery specialist, I am responsible for routine and emergency orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery cases that are presented to the hospital. My main professional interests include minimally invasive surgery, including laparoscopy, arthroscopy and sinoscopy. I am also involved in didactic teaching, delivering the equine surgery lecture course to the fifth year students.


Key publications: 

Minimally invasive repair of a calcaneus fracture in a Standardbred foal.

Bonilla AG, Smith KJ.

J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2012 Nov 1;241(9):1209-13


Gross, histologic, and gene expression characteristics of osteoarthritic articular cartilage of the metacarpal condyle of horses.

Smith KJ, Bertone AL, Weisbrode SE, Radmacher M.

Am J Vet Res. 2006 Aug;67(8):1299-306.

 Katie J Smith
University Equine Surgeon

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