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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School

Comparative medicine, particularly in cancer, genetic diseases and orthopaedics, combines our strengths in clinical oncology, medicine and surgery with our expertise in the molecular genetics of animal species.  Through strategic collaborations with the Sanger Institute, the Cancer Research UK Institute and Division of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery in Cambridge, researchers are exploring opportunities to understand the genetic basis for many naturally occurring cancers and other diseases of domestic

animals.  The aim of this research is to drive translational breakthroughs through our internationally recognised oncology referral practice and our other clinical units.

Comparative medicine has always been a strong driver for research in the hospital. The accurate phenotypic characterisation of disease has been central to the research output and this has lead to deeper understanding of the pathobiology of natural diseases. This increased knowledge has also led to, and will continue to generate, improved methods of diagnosis and management of patients as well as the identification of new and emerging diseases.

Dr Joy  Archer
Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pathology
Dr Jackie  Brearley
Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia
Director of studies for Veterinary Medicine at Lucy Cavendish College
Academic Lead in the Pauline Brown Clinical Skills Centre
 Paul  Freeman
Principal Clinical Neurologist
European & RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Neurology
Professor Jonathan Luke Heeney
Professor of Comparative Pathology
Head of the Laboratory of Viral Zoonotics (LVZ)
Professor Michael  Herrtage
Professor of Small Animal Medicine
Dean of the Cambridge Veterinary School
Dr Nicky  Holdstock
Senior Lecturer in Equine Medicine & Reproduction
European Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine
Fellow; Director of Studies & Veterinary Clinical Supervisor - Clare College
Director of Studies & Veterinary Pre-Clinical & Clinical Supervisor - Jesus College
Dr Nai-Chieh  Liu
Clinical Research Fellow
Dr. Heidi  Radke
University Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery
ECVS and RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Surgery (Orthopaedics)
Director of Studies in Veterinary Medicine for Girton College
Dr Penny  Watson
Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine
Medicine clinician and resident supervisor in the Queen’s Veterinary School hospital
Director of Studies in Clinical Veterinary Medicine and tutor (Emmanuel College)