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The Department of Veterinary Medicine Accounts Office and Stores are responsible for all financial processing and procurement. The panel on the left provides links to explanations of various functions within the area, each with guidance and further relevant links.

If you are unable to find the guidance you require on this page, please do not hesitate to contact the Accounts Office, Stores or the Assistant Secretary, Finance and Research.

Accounts Office
Kylie Birch - Chief Accounts Clerk Tel: 01223 337631
Kelly Butler - Accounts Clerk Tel: 01223 337631
Michelle Pittas - Accounts Clerk Tel: 01223 330812
Sara Stevens - Accounts Clerk Tel: 01223 330812

Joe (Francis) Hart - Stores Technician Tel: 01223 337677
Janice East - Assistant Stores Technician Tel:01223 337677

Gina Arnold - Assistant Secretary, Finance and Research Tel: 01223 330840