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Filemaker Server

Vet School Filemaker Server

The Vet School IT Office now have a Filemaker server to host the various existing databases we have in the department and also for somewhere secure and backed up for new databases.


The Filemaker server is secured using our Active Directory, most staff should already have Active Directory accounts. We can create groups with different levels of access rights on the databases (Administrator, Data Entry, Read Only and custom).


The databases can be accessed either through the Filemaker Pro program by going to 'Open Remote' and selecting Vet-Filemaker (version 12 upward Windows/Mac) or via web direct ( which enables you to view and add data into a database through a browser.

The Filemaker server is only accessible within the Cambridge network, if you need access externally the UIS VPN service will be required. Information on setting up the Cambridge VPN on your PC/Mac can be found here (


The Filemaker databases are backed up daily at midnight to the Vet School backup server. We keep a rolling 7 day backup with weekly backups for 4 weeks and a monthly backup for 3 months.


When we are requested to host a database we secure each database in a similar manner as follows:

  • All existing permissions are removed
  • A local database administrator is added
  • The IT Office staff are added as administrators via Active Directory
  • Active Directory groups are then added to give staff the correct levels of permissions and access (can be locked down to just Webdirect or Filemaker Pro

By following this each time the databases are only accessible if we have given an account the appropriate permissions.

More Information

If you require more information, need access or are looking to have a database hosted please contact the IT Office via email at




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