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Get Connected

Wired Network (Ethernet)

The department uses a system called DHCP to automatically assign an unique IP address to your machine. By default all computers are setup to use the DHCP system.

All new departmental desktops/laptops are registered on the DHCP system

To get your non-departmental machine registered , please

  • drop in to the IT office between 10 - 12 or 
  • email

The IT team are currently converting all existing departmental machines from the old manual method of giving a machine an IP Address to use DHCP system

Wireless Network

Eduroam Access

All staff/students will be able to obtain wireless internet connectivity when visiting other national or international educational institutions through Eduroam (education roaming). You will no longer need to obtain guest access from the campus you are visiting. You need to set up your laptop just once here in Cambridge and you will have wireless access to the internet at any campus in the world that is a member of the Eduroam consortium.

Eduroam can be accessed in the below locations

  • Student Resource Centre
  • Library
  • The Hospital, Residents Cabin  and in the SASU building (Kennels)
  • Hammond
  • Senior Common Room,LT2, Computer


Instructions to set up Eduroam on your laptop can be found at:

Wireless Network  (UniofCam)

UniofCam Wireless Service is the wireless gateway serving the University of Cambridge, providing wireless hotspots at various locations throughout the University.

In the Department, UniofCam hotspots can be found in

  • Student Resource Centre
  • Library
  • The Hospital, Residents Cabin  and in the SASU building (Kennels)
  • Hammond
  • Senior Common Room,LT2, Computer

Connection to Uniofcam  is  using CRSid and Raven Password.

Guest access to Uniofcam Hotspots

Visitors  who has not been issued a Raven Password  can apply for guest access to connect to the Uniofcam hotspots . Library and IT will be able to issue a UniofCam visitor ticket.


Mobile Networking

Please visit to set up mobile devices to connect to the network .




Managed Desktop Service

Apart from the numerous departmental  and individual computers in the Department, the Department has 37 Managed Desktop computers  located  in the Dr.Lee Computer Room and the Library as part of Managed Cluster Service (MCS)

These computers are available for use  24/7 for all staff and students at the Department. MCS offers extensive range of software in the form of Programming & scripting, Speech recognition,  Graphics, photos & presentationMaths & statisticsFile storage, backup and transfer (inc. DSpace)Spreadsheets & databases,  Word processing and EndnoteSoftwareEmail

There are 24 Computers running Windows and 6 Apple Macs in Dr. Lee Computer Room. A further 7 Computers running Windows can be found in the library in the Library.  Both these rooms can be accessed using  id cards.

All students and staff are given DS accounts automatically when they join the University, and will be given instructions on how to collect their login name and initial password.

Each user is given a filespace limit of at least 2GB which is centrally backed up and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


Desktop Printing Facilities

There are 2 printer queues  available in the Computer Lab ---Colour and B&W

There is just the one Black and White Printer in the  Library

Cost /page

Black and White - 4p

Colour -------------20p

Desktop Scanning Facilities

Please pay at the Accounts Office and bring the receipt to the IT office to credit print account.


Two scanners are available in the Computer Lab and one scanner in the Library.

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