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Williams Summer Research Project

Summer Research Project:

Title: Investigation of bactericidal activity of colostrum derived extracellular vesicles in cows

Brief description of Project:

Urinary extracellular vesicles (EVs) from humans are enriched for immune proteins and exhibit bactericidal activity in vitro [1]. Bovine colostrum derived EVs (CEVs) are also enriched with proteins implicated in immune responses [2], and we postulate that CEVs are bactericidal and protective against bacterial infection. This project will involve; 1) isolation of bovine CEVs (from cows with and without mastitis) by ultracentrifugation, and 2) co-incubation of CEVs with luminescent E.coli (already prepared and ready) to assess their bactericidal activity, as per our previously published protocol [1].

Contact Dr Tim Williams - (click here for his profile) for more information or to apply.