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Concordat to Support Research Integrity

The Concordat sets out a series of responsibilities for researchers and employers of researchers, compliance with which is now a condition of HEFCE and RCUK funding. To help ensure that the University meets its responsibilities, the Research Policy Committee have agreed on some actions that should be taken by all Departments and Faculties.

An integral part of ensuring compliance with the Concordat is to raise awareness among the research community of the Concordat, as well as University policies and procedures designed to ensure that research is conducted according to best practice.  As such, the Research Policy Committee have agreed that Faculties and Departments should incorporate all relevant research integrity statements and guidelines into the induction process for academic staff, postdocs and PhD students. This should include the Concordat to Support Research Integrity and the following University policies and statements:

Concordat to Support Research Integrity

Any other policies and procedures relevant to the department/faculty’s research

The Concordat also requires all researchers to have access to guidance on research ethics and integrity issues. The Research Policy Committee have agreed that, to facilitate access to such guidance, all Departments and Faculties should provide a link on their local website to the University’s central research integrity website.

Under the requirements of the Concordat, the University is also required to have clear management systems for the implementation of research integrity procedures and a robust approach to investigating allegations of research misconduct. The Research Policy Committee therefore wish to remind Heads of Department and Faculty that they hold the responsibility for research integrity and ethics matters in their institution, including the implementation of the University’s research ethics and integrity policies and procedures at a local level. This includes taking responsibility, under the Misconduct in Research policy, for any investigation into an allegation of research misconduct within their institution and reporting all such investigations to the Academic Secretary, Registrary or Director of Human Resources  as appropriate (where it is inappropriate for the Head of Department/Faculty to act in such a role, the matter should be referred to the Head of School).