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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School


2014 – Graduated from Vet School in Nepal

2014-2015 (Nepal) - Animal Science Instructor at Shree Himganga Higher Secondary School, Ramechhap.

2016-2021 (Nepal)– Veterinary Officer at Department of Livestock Services (DLS), Government of Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal

2021 (UK) – MPhil in Veterinary Science at the University of Cambridge


Zoonoses, Antimicrobial resistance, One Health


Key publications: 

1. Subramanya SH, Daniel C, Acharya KP, Humphreys H. 2021. The potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic stewardship. VirusDisease.

2. Acharya KP, Marahatta S, Wilson RT. 2021. First outbreak of glanders in Nepal and possible implications for the animal sector. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases.

3. Acharya KP, Ghimire TR, Subramanya SH. 2021. Access to and equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccine in low-income countries. npj Vaccines.

4. Acharya KP, Subedi D, Wilson RT. 2021. Rabies control in South Asia requires a One Health Approach. One Health.

5. Acharya KP, Chaulagain B, Acharya N, Shrestha K, Subramanyam SH. 2020. Establishment and recent surge in spatiotemporal spread of dengue in Nepal. Emerging Microbes and Infections.

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Antimicrobial resistance
Low and middle income countries
One Health