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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School


I completed my B.Sc. in biological sciences at Imperial College London in 2021. I am currently working on my MPhil project in veterinary science under the supervision of Professor Matthew Allen. The main aim of my study is to use cellular barcoding to accurately track the process of tumour metastasis in Ewing’s sarcoma and to identify possible biomarkers. I am also working on Parsortix (ANGLE plc) for the detection, isolation and enumeration of canine osteosarcoma CTC (circulating tumour cell) in blood


I am interested in CTC detection and analysis in cancer, especially when and how in the course of cancer progression they mutate and acquire the ability to metastasise and to grow as secondary tumours.

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Osteosarcoma Cellular barcoding Tumour metastasis Circulating tumour cells
Cellular barcoding
Tumour metastasis
Circulating tumour cells