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Dr Fernando Constantino-Casas

FernandoWhile doing my veterinary undergraduate course I joined the Department of Pathology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FMVZ), National Autonomus University of Mexico (UNAM) for my social service and later on as a volunteer in the same department in 1984.

My inspiration for staying in Pathology was driven by learning more about diseases in animals, pathogenesis, cause – effect, in addition my excellent lecturers in Veterinary Pathology. I had the privilege and opportunity to be mentored by maestra Aline Schunemann de Aluja in Mexico. There is respect and admiration for her and to follow in her steps. Maestra Aline S. de Aluja at  95 year-old still works with an invaluable knowledge and wisdom in Veterinary Medicine and related areas. Aline has inspired many generations and currently is very well known in Animal Welfare.

I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine from the UNAM in 1985. After my graduation, I was offered a position as assistant lecturer in the FMVZ-UNAM, followed in 1986 by a position as part time lecturer in Systemic Veterinary Pathology.

In 1997 was privileged to be awarded a scholarship by the British Council in the Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge, UK and in conjunction with the scholarship from the UNAM,

I was awarded in 1991 a PhD degree from the University of Cambridge. At the vet school at that time I had the opportunity to work and be mentored by Andy Jefferies, Bill Blackmore, Tony Palmer, David Bostock and others. 

I went back to Mexico in 1991 to FMVZ-UNAM and got a full time lecturer position in Systemic Veterinary Pathology. My enthusiasm and the support from my colleagues gave me enormous joy and satisfaction being a Pathologist. Time just flew away, I was involved in teaching undergraduates, graduates and residents, diagnostic services in Anatomic Pathology in domestic, zoo, exotic, and wild animals. I enjoyed doing Comparative Pathology. During my job in Mexico I collaborated with several research groups including Dermatopathology, Parasitology, Oncology, Infectious diseases, Pathology of Aquatic organisms.

My enthusiasm and the support from my colleagues gave me enormous joy and satisfaction being a Pathologist


I went on two training courses at the Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada. David Groman was a great mentor in Pathology of Aquatic organisms.

In 2007 I applied for a position as Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology in the Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge and was privileged to be offered the position. In 2014 I was offered my current position, University Pathologist.

Since 1984 until now (2016) I have been doing what I like most Veterinary Pathology. I have supervised 15 undergraduate thesis, 8 Master thesis, and 5 PhD thesis. I have published 64 papers in peer review journals, one book, four chapters, and have had three research grants. My main research activities are in Veterinary Oncology - tumourigenesis, hepatitis and pancreatitis in dogs and cats, Infectious diseases, Syringomyelia in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Animal Welfare.  

Nothing has been easy, but I love my career and speciality and I am grateful to all those that have contributed in some way, my family, my friends, my colleagues and students that have all supported me during my journey.