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Supervisors will be aware of the research costs in their own areas.  With the exception of the Wellcome Trust, none of the agencies produces enough funding to pay the bench costs of a project requiring substantial resources for a student.  You must ensure that you have sufficient funds before committing yourself to take on a new student. Nonetheless by expanding graduate student numbers in the Department, we can also expand the Department’s research strength, prestige, critical mass and eventually staff numbers.  To this end, the Department strongly encourages potential supervisors to take on students.  The Graduate Office will provide what help we can with obtaining sources of funding and with applications for studentships.


Mike Herrtage and Julie Sales completed their 250-mile cycle ride from London to Paris raising money for CAMVET. They have raised more than £6500 so far, which will gotowards equipping the new Clinical Skills Lab. The hardest part was the 17% ascent of Bexley Hill, the best part was cycling down the Champs Elysees despite Julie doing this with her fifth puncture!

Research into the control of CTVT

Dr Elizabeth Murchison and Andrea Strakova publishes their latest research into the control of CTVT.

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