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Student life

Student Life: Social & Sports Activities

 The Cambridge course is fast-paced but varied and there are plenty of opportunities for our students to get involved in all aspects of University life. At Cambridge, there is a society or club for virtually every sport or activity you can think of. Whatever you’re interested in, you will probably find a group of like-minded people.

The veterinary school is a short cycle ride from the town so even in the clinical years it is easy to go to town for shopping or a night out.

Lydia 2013

 University registered clubs and societies

University sports clubs:

Many of our vet students belong to some of the sports clubs listed on the above link and compete at University level, achieving the coveted “Blues” statua. There are also sports clubs within the Vet School, such as mixed netball, men’s rugby and ladies’ lacrosse. 

College will also be a point of focus for social activities, and many colleges have their own societies, sports clubs and associations for students to get involved in to meet new people. For more information on student life in Cambridge, please have a look at and for more information about Cambridge and the surrounding area.

It's so good to be able to spend all six years near to a cool city not in the middle of nowhere.


Student societies

Students at the vet school run their own veterinary societies. They organize talks with invited guest speakers in the evening during term time and other events. The talks usually take place at the vet school and food is usually provided too. For more information, please have a look at their websites:

Cambridge University Veterinary Society:

Cambridge University Veterinary Zoological Society: