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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School

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How to become a vet

Our students are passionate about excellence in veterinary medicine but they are also looking for a broader education and the opportunity to learn from inspirational teachers, internationally recognised researchers, and the finest minds of previous generations.

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The Queen's Veterinary School Hospital

The Queen's Veterinary School Hospital is a teaching and a referral hospital whose aims are to provide a comprehensive and demonstrably excellent clinical service across a range of species and disciplines for clients, undergraduate and postgraduate students and the veterinary profession in general.

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Congratulations to Dr Colin Russell

Colin has received a Collaborative Award from the Wellcome Trust to investigate the within and between host evolutionary dynamics of influenza viruses. The total value of the award is £1.3m. His collaborators are Prof. Wendy Barclay, Prof. Steven Riley, and Prof. Paul Kellam

Prof Mike Herrtage has been awarded 'Speaker of the Year' in the Webinar Vet Annual Awards 2015

Webinar Vet is the leading provider of veterinary CPD through the medium of webinars. The Webinar Vet Community is it members and the membership is truly international with many countries from around the world being represented. Webinar Vet holds individual webinars throughout the year including hosting the International Virtual Congress for vets and veterinary nurses every January. Members can also access the Webinar Archive at anytime.

Naked Scientists interview with Dr Mark Holmes

News broke recently of bacteria discovered in China that are now resistant to antibiotics used normally as a last resort, prompting fears we could be on the cusp of an age where bacterial infections are no longer curable. So are we all doomed, or is this scare-mongering? Georgia Mills puts the problem under the microscope for us...

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The advancement of knowledge through research is the core ethos of the Department of Veterinary Medicine

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Postdocs of Dept of Veterinary Medicine

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Gradute Study

The Department of Veterinary Medicine offers graduate research degrees through MPhil, PhD and clinical research as a VetMD.

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