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The primary academic duty of a supervisor is to provide a student with those elements of training that allow them the best chance to complete their degree successfully and on time. The student may well need considerable support in adjusting from their previous taught experience, to the individual, self managing and self motivated goals of the PhD student. Timing has become of great importance, both to students and to the Department and School.  All the larger funding bodies now look at completion time as a major consideration in deciding whether to fund further studentships for departments, and this Department has suffered in the past because too few PhD’s have completed within four years.  In addition, students already carry much more debt than formerly and overruns are likely to become real welfare issues.

It is very important to ensure that projects are designed to be within the capabilities of your student.

PIs - PhD projects please.

"PhD projects please:
We will be placing PhD Project advertisements on ‘’ during the next few weeks.  If you are considering taking a student, could you please supply a project title, 5 key words and a short description of the project (300 words or less).  Please include the skills that will be gained by the student.  Don’t worry if the project doesn’t yet have funding as we will be looking into their funding situation before inviting candidates to interview.
A prompt email response to Fiona Roby would be very much appreciated."