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Student welfare

Students may well approach supervisors seeking guidance on welfare issues, including housing, financial hardship, or medical problems, etc.  In general, help with the provision of housing for a postgraduate student at Cambridge is the responsibility of their college.  They should also consult with their college tutor about cases of financial hardship.  However, the Graduate Office does try to help with all these types of problems where appropriate, and can offer some advice to both students and supervisors, if approached.

PIs - PhD projects please.

"PhD projects please:
We will be placing PhD Project advertisements on ‘’ during the next few weeks.  If you are considering taking a student, could you please supply a project title, 5 key words and a short description of the project (300 words or less).  Please include the skills that will be gained by the student.  Don’t worry if the project doesn’t yet have funding as we will be looking into their funding situation before inviting candidates to interview.
A prompt email response to Fiona Roby would be very much appreciated."