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An Vanhaesebrouck CEAV, DECVN, MRCVS

An Vanhaesebrouck, CEAV, DECVN, MRCVS

Clinician in Veterinary Neurology


An graduated from the University of Ghent (Belgium) in 2004. In 2005 she obtained a certificate (CEAV) in small animal internal medicine in France. After a rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the National Veterinary School of Alfort in France, An returned to the University of Ghent to complete a residency in veterinary neurology. Finally, she joined the QVSH in 2009 and became a European specialist in Veterinary Neurology in 2011.

Subject groups/Research projects


Research Interests

I have a broad interest in all neurological diseases, with a particular interest in neuromuscular disorders.

Key Publications

  • Ives E, Rousset N, Heliczer N, Herrtage M, Vanhaesebrouck A (2014). Exclusion of a Brain Lesion: Is Intravenous Contrast Administration Required after Normal Precontrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging? Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, in press
  • Vanhaesebrouck A, Bhatti S, Franklin R, Van Ham L (2013). Myokymia and neuromyotonia in veterinary medicine: a comparison with peripheral nerve hyperexcitability syndrome in humans. Veterinary Journal 197, 153-162.
  • Poucke M & Vanhaesebrouck A, PeelmanL, Van HamL (2012). Experimental validation of in silico predicted KCNA1, KCNA2, KCNA6 and KCNQ2 genes for peripheral nerve hyperexcitability syndrome association studies in Jack Russell Terriers. Neuromuscular disorders 22, 558-565
  • Vanhaesebrouck A, Shelton D, Garosi L, Harcourt-Brown T, Couturier J, Behr S, Harvey R, Jeffery N, Matiasek K, Blakemore W, Granger N (2011). A Novel Movement Disorder in Related Male Labrador Retrievers Characterized by Extreme Generalized Muscular Stiffness. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 25, 1089-1096
  • Vanhaesebrouck A, Van Soens I, Poncelet L, Duchateau L, Bhatti S, Polis I, Diels S, Van Ham L (2010). Clinical and electrophysiological characterization of myokymia and neuromyotonia in Jack Russell Terriers. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 24, 882-9
  • Vanhaesebrouck A, Couturier J, Cauzinille L, Mizisin A, Shelton D, Granger N (2008). Demyelinating polyneuropathy with focally folded myelin sheaths in a family of Miniature Schnauzer dogs. Journal of the Neurological Sciences 275, 100-105