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Dr David Price

Dr David Price

Research Associate

David Price is available for consultancy.


David received his Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (with Honours) from the University of Adelaide in 2011, with a major in Statistics. He received his PhD from the University of Adelaide in mid-2015. The research conducted throughout his PhD centred on the optimal design of experiments, in particular, those concerning infectious diseases. In October 2015, David joined the Disease Dynamics Unit at the University of Cambridge as a post-doctoral research associate to aid in the development of a computational package to facilitate the optimal design and statistical analysis of laboratory experiments in microbiology and infectious disease research.

Subject groups/Research projects

Mathematical Biology:

Research Interests

Simulation Package for Efficient Experimental Design & Inference In Microbiology (SPEEDI-μ)

As an applied statistician, I enjoy "playing in others backyard". That is, I am interested in most applications of statistics to real-world processes. My broad interest lies mostly in health-related fields, including but not limited to, medicine, biology and infectious diseases.

My PhD research focussed on the optimal design of experimental epidemics. We developed a new method for evaluating the Bayesian optimal experimental design. We performed a case study into the optimal design of group dose-response challenge experiments with the bacteria Campylobacter jejuni in chickens.

My particular interests currently are in the development of a tool to enable researchers to determine the optimal experimental design for -- and subsequently analyse -- their own biological experiments. This tool will be in the form of a computational package for the statistical software R (

I am also particularly interested in teaching and helping others understand statistics, regardless of their background.


  • Bayesian Methods
  • Statistics
  • Optimal experiment design
  • Stochastic modelling
  • Infectious disease dynamics


Key Publications

Price DJ, Bean NG, Ross JV, Tuke J. On the Efficient Determination of Optimal Bayesian Experimental Designs using ABC: A Case Study in Optimal Observation of Epidemics. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 172: 1-15, 2016.