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Heike Rudorf

Heike Rudorf

Clinical Radiologist


Qualified from the free university of Berlin in 1988 where she also obtained the title Dr. Med. Vet in 1994. She holds the certificate and diploma in veterinary radiology and is a diplomat of the European College of veterinary diagnostic imaging. She has worked as a veterinary radiologist in Great Britain, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, Chile, and South Africa. The past five years she worked   as a research assistant in the department of cardiac surgery at the University of Bonn.

Research Interests

Self directed learning

Non verbal communication

Cross sectional imaging

Key Publications

Schiller W., Rudorf H., Kiderlen M.J., Welzel C.B. Schmitz C., Probst C., Welz A. (2007)

Short term tissue response of lapine carotid artery anastomoses to BioGlueâ.

The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon 55, 5,  pp 298-303


Schiller W., Rudorf H., Tiemann T., Probst C, Mellert F, Welz A. (2007)

Detection of coronary arteries and evaluation of anastomoses with a commercially available 15 MHz, broadband, linear array transducer.

Heart Surgery Forum 10(5):E387-91. PMID: 17855204 [PubMed]


Schiller W., Rudorf H., Welzel C.B.,  Kiderlen M.J.,  Probst C,

Dewald O., Welz A. (2007)

Sutureless anastomoses of lapine carotid arteries with BioGlueâ

J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. Dec;134(6):1513-8


Schreurs E., Vermote K., Barberet V, Daminet S., Rudorf H., Saunders J. (2008)
Ultrasonographic anatomy of abdominal lymph nodes in the normal cat

Wigger A., Tellhelm B., Kramer M., Rudorf H. (2008)

Influence of femoral head and neck conformation on hip dysplasia in the German Shepherd Dog

Vet. Rad. & Ultrasound, 49, 3, pp 243-248


 H. Rudorf, K. Spiegel., T. Schmid, C. Probst., S. Flacke, A. Kovacs, D. Liepsch, H. Oertel, A. Welz, W. Schiller (2008)

Numerical flow simulation of the left heart as basis for operation planning for left ventricular repair procedures.

Thorac cardiovasc Surg 2008; 56 - P5, DOI: 10.1055/s-2008-1037738