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Dr Xiaopei Su

Dr Xiaopei Su

Research Associate


Xiaopei received her Bachelor of Biology from Nanjing Normal University (China) in 2011. Then she worked in the laboratory of germline stem cell in Shanghai Jiaotong University for a year before obtaining a Master of Bioinformatics in Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium). In November of 2014, she jointed the group of Dr Cinzia Cantacessi as a research assistant to start a project about the change of gut microbiota in helminth driven suppression of inflammation.

Subject groups/Research projects

Mathematical Biology:

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Research Interests

I am passionate about next-generation sequencing technology, data mining, and statistical analysis. I am currently focusing on studying the influence of helminth on human microbiota through the above mentioned techniques.  


  • Microbiotica
  • Helminth
  • Bioinformatics