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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School



Brachycephalic Working Group (BWG)

Framework for a partnership approach to improving brachycephalic dog health and welfare


BOAS Functional Grading (Exercise Test):


Educational Videos:

The Kennel Club Academy - Brachycephalic Breeds Health and Research Learning Resources

Owner education film about BOAS

BOAS assessment (Cambridge BOAS Research Group)

BOAS Functional Grading and WBBP respiratory function test 


Research Posters:

Conformational risk factors of BOAS (poster)

French bulldogs and bulldogs with thicker neck are more likely to have BOAS (Cambridge BOAS research group)

Conformational risk factors of BOAS (Illustrations)

Breed-specific risk factors of BOAS (Cambridge research group)

Pug body condition score (BCS) chart 

Body condition score chart specifically designed for pugs (Cambridge BOAS research group)

Nostril grading for pugs, French bulldogs, and Bulldogs

Descriptions can be found in:


BOAS Testing Biannual Report:

Update: further reports (2019) pending 

BOAS Functional Grade distributions of volunteered dogs (Cambridge BOAS research group)