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Open days and residentials

10-1a-vetschool.jpgWe run a series of events across the year specifically aimed at helping potential applicants make the best decision about their choice of vet school. Why not book a place and come and see us?


A good way to find out more about Cambridge and the Veterinary Medicine course is to come to and meet us at an open day or residential event. While we hope you find these events enjoyable, informative and helpful in making your decisions about vet school, do be aware that attending these events confers no advantage in the admissions process.




Autumn: Vet School / Fitzwilliam College Open Day - Friday 13th September 2019 - now fully booked


10-3-fitz-2.jpgThis day is especially useful for potential applicants who have not yet finalised their choice of vet school, or who simply want to know more about both Veterinary Medicine and college life at Cambridge before submitting their UCAS application in October.

In order to give an insight into Cambridge college life, this open day is run in conjunction with Fitzwilliam College, conveniently located within walking distance of the Vet School. In the morning there will be talks at the College about undergraduate life and the early parts of the course, as well as a sample teaching session with current pre-clinical students, and lunch in the College Hall. In the afternoon there will be tours of the Vet School, a chance to meet current clinical students, and information about the later parts of the course and the application process.

Due to limited space in lecture theatres, we must unfortunately restrict parts of this event to potential applicants, rather than parents and supporters.



Spring: 'VetCam' Residential: Introduction to Veterinary Science at Cambridge University - 2020 dates will be on this site in late 2019 for booking in early 2020

This is a residential course for year 11 and 12 students. VetCam is intended to provide a detailed insight into both the 'preclinical' and 'clinical' parts of the Cambridge veterinary course and will include a mix of talks, discussions, practical demonstrations and tours with lots of contact and discussion time with current students and staff. There will also be advice sessions about the application process.

10-1c-ox.jpgPlease click here to view a typical programme for the event. Many of our current students have told us how useful they found VetCam in making their university choices. Do bear in mind when applying that our typical conditional offer for a place on the veterinary course at Cambridge is A*AA, including Chemistry and at least one, but preferably two, other science/maths subjects.

In 2019 the course cost £240, which covered all costs, including accommodation, meals and transport while in Cambridge - 2020 prices will be similar with a possible small increase to cover costs.

In addition, we will offer up to ten BURSARIES, which will cover the course fee and reasonable travel costs to and from Cambridge. If you need to discuss eligibility further, please contact Rachel Worsley at for more information. Bursary applicants should apply via a form they will be sent by Rachel, rather than using the online booking system. In 2019, bursary awards were based on the following criteria, which will be reviewed for the 2020 event:

  • strong performance in GCSE (or equivalent), especially science and maths subjects,
  • taking two, and preferably three, science/maths subjects at A-level (or equivalent)
  • attendance at a UK state school,
  • completion of a brief 'personal statement',
  • countersignature of the application by a teacher at your school,
  • and meeting at least one of the following criteria

1. Eligibility for Free School Meals in the last 6 years.

2. Those currently or previously in local authority care.

3. Minority ethnicities, specifically black (Caribbean, African or other), Pakistani or Bangladeshi.

4.  Home postcode within quintiles 1 or 2 of the Participation of Local Areas (POLAR 3 or 4) databases – you can check your home postcode at this link.

5. Home postcode in supergroup 8, groups 3a, 3b, 3c, 4b, 7a, 7b and 7c, or subgroups 4a1, 4a2, 4c2 or 6b3 of the Output Area Classification (OAC3) – you can check your home postcode at this link

"Taking part in VetCam was an integral part of my application, as it not only confirmed that Veterinary Medicine was what I wanted to pursue, but also that Cambridge was the place for me to be. The lectures, lecturers and town just fitted me so well; we had lectures all over the vet departments on subjects ranging from the Galapagos islands to the basics of parasitology to a physiology practical. Staying in college was a really lovely way to get a feel for life there, and having a 'formal' dinner was a fantastic taste of the fun unique aspects of Cambridge life. The other students I met on VetCam had similar aspirations to me so I knew I would fit in here for the next six years."  -  Madeleine


Summer: Vet School / University Open Days - Thursday 2nd and Friday 3th July 2020

 On these two days, the University runs its main open days, during which attendees can visit university departments as well as colleges, and also attend talks giving advice about student life, finance, and how to apply. There are also sessions targeted at parents and supporters.

10-2b-pembroke.jpgAs part of these open days the Vet School will be open for tours of our facilities, talks about the course and admissions, and the chance to meet current students and staff. Many potential vet applicants attend these tours and find them extremely informative, so we ask that you book a Vet School tour place in advance, in addition to booking a place on the main University open day.

1. Booking a Vet School tour. There will be tours of the Vet School running from 9.30am to 2.30pm on both days, as well as talks for prospective students and a separate talk for parents/families.

2. Booking onto the University Open Day. Please note: if you come to one of the University Open Days and have not booked a Vet School tour, or you simply want to spend more time in the city centre, there will also be a presentation on the vet course and admissions in the centre of town, in the early afternoon. You do not need to book a place to come to this central talk - just turn up. This presentation will be extremely similar to those delivered at the vet school, so don't feel you have to go to both! Details of times and locations will appear in the University Open Day guide.



Summer: Annual Subject Masterclass in Veterinary Medicine - Thursday 11th July 2019 - a similar event will run in 2020

10-4-ruini2.jpgSubject Masterclasses are subject-specific events that offer students a flavour of undergraduate study and an introduction to the University of Cambridge. Our Masterclasses are aimed at academically able students in Year 12 (or equivalent). The Masterclasses provide students with an opportunity to explore topics of interest beyond what's covered within the school curriculum and offer the chance to experience typical undergraduate teaching at Cambridge.

Each Masterclass includes:

  • two taster sessions delivered by leading veterinary staff from the University - topics for 2019 were canine neurological examination and equine echocardiography
  • the opportunity to discuss and ask questions
  • an introduction to the Cambridge admissions process
  • the opportunity to hear about life as a Cambridge student from current undergraduates

We can usually accommodate 40 attendees at these sessions.