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Our students are passionate about excellence in veterinary medicine but they are also looking for a broader education and the opportunity to learn from inspirational teachers, internationally recognised researchers, and the finest minds of previous generations.

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The Queen's Veterinary School Hospital

The Queen's Veterinary School Hospital is a teaching and a referral hospital whose aims are to provide a comprehensive and demonstrably excellent clinical service across a range of species and disciplines for clients, undergraduate and postgraduate students and the veterinary profession in general.

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Well done Jenny!

Jenny Comont has just received confirmation of her RCVS Veterinary Nursing Registration after passing her final exams in January. Jenny has discarded her stripy greens for full bottle green uniform - hurrah! This is obviously a great day for Jenny but also for the hospital as Jenny is our first SVN through the apprenticeship program in association with College of Animal Welfare. Jenny started work with us as a Ward Assistant and although it has not always been a smooth journey due to COVID, this is a great outcome. Well Done Jenny !

Winner of the Antibiotic Guardian 'Student of the Year' Award 2020

We would like to congratulate Chioma for winning the Student of the Year category of the Antibiotic Guardian Shared Learning and Awards 2020. The highest number of entries ever were received in 2020 and so the award is an achievement to be proud of. Image credit Lloyd Mann.

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Congratulations to PhD student Ruby Coates

Winner of the Best Oral Presentation Prize @ Microbiolgoy Society Annual Conference Congratulations to PhD student Ruby Coates on winning Best Oral Presentation Prize for the presentation of her poster ‘Development of a CRISPR interference system in Campylobacter jejuni’ at the Microbiology Society Annual Conference Online April 2021. Well done Ruby!”

Looking to dogs for the answers.

Dogs are 10 times more likely than people to develop osteosarcoma, so focusing on dogs with naturally occurring forms of the cancer could yield vital insight into our understanding of the disease and how it spreads in humans.

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The advancement of knowledge through research is the core ethos of the Department of Veterinary Medicine

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Library & Information

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New database for worm-host interaction research

The Parasitology group led by Cinzia Cantacessi has launched a new database collating published data on the interactions between parasitic worms and the vertebrate gut microbiome, facilitating the search for gut microbial populations with potential roles in the pathophysiology of helminth disease and parasite-mediated suppression of host inflammatory responses

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