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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School


There are four main steps to applying for Postgraduate Study:

1. Find a Supervisor 

It is crucial that candidates allow enough time to identify and make contact with a suitable and williing supervisor.  To do this you should read about our researchers (or Principle Investigators - PIs) and their work on our Research pages  (as well as looking at our currently available projects).   You should then make contact with those researchers whose work interests you, outlining your own experience and research interests, explain why you are interested in the work they do and add any other useful information (eg funding) and attach a copy of your CV.   We strongly advise that you do not send out multiple very general emails to many different researchers as you are much more likely to get a positive response if you are able to demonstrate a genuine interest in the specific research area.   PIs that are interested will respond to you to discuss a potential project.

It is important to begin this process well ahead of any deadlines as sometimes finding a supervisor and potential  project can take a long time.   We will not be able to take your application forward if you have not done this step as we cannot accept any candidate if there is not a suitable project and supervisor available.

2. Submit a formal application

Once you have decided you wish to apply to this Department, you will need to fill in a web based graduate student application  form (see here). 

You would select the relevant course code as follows:

MPHIL: VTVTM1 (info here)
PhD (Probationary) in Veterinary Medicine: VTVT22 (info here)
PhD (Probationary) in Biological Sciences at the Department of Veterinary Medicine: VTVT221 (info here)
VetMD (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine): VMD72  (info here)

Please make sure you include the named of the proposed supervisor and a description of your proposed project that ideally you will have discussed with them.

3. Interview

Once we have received your application we will be in contact to arrange an interview with our Director of Postgraduate Education and usually the potential supervisor.  We will aim to be in touch within two weeks of receiving your application to arrange this.  However at busy times this may take longer.

4. Acceptance

If you are successful at interview stage your application then needs to be approved by the University's Postgraduate Admissions Office who will issue the official confirmation.  You will initially get a conditional offer and details of any conditions that you need to fulfil before final confirmation.  The process is described in detail here, with links to further pages which will be useful.

5. Additional information

Part time study may be possible in certain circumstances if the project is suitable and your supervisor is agreeable - please see info here   and info booklet here


If you have any questions or are having problems with any of the above steps, please contact Fiona Roby by emailing:


Link to Postraduate Admissions Website - please see here for further  information including deadlines, course requirements, course fees etc.