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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School

Animal welfare science, animal behaviour and cognition, sustainable livestock production

Donald Broom has developed concepts and methods of scientific assessment of animal welfare and investigated: cognitive abilities of animals, the welfare of animals in relation to housing and transport, sustainable livestock production systems, behaviour problems, attitudes to animals and ethics of animal usage. Animals studied include: cattle, pigs, sheep, hens, ducks, farmed fish and dogs. Recent work has concerned sentience, domestic animal concepts and emotions, pain assessment in cattle and sheep, disease as a welfare problem and three-level silvopastoral systems.


After 19 years as Lecturer, then Reader, in Reading University, Donald Broom was appointed the world's first Professor of Animal Welfare in 1986. In his Centre for Animal Welfare and Anthrozoology, he has developed concepts and methods of scientific assessment of animal welfare and studied: cognitive abilities of animals, the welfare of farmed and other animals in relation to housing and transport, behaviour problems of pets, sustainable livestock production, attitudes to animals and ethics of animal usage. 

He has published 9 books and over 350 refereed papers, lectured on animal welfare in 45 countries and served on UK (FAWC, APC, Seals, BBC Rural Affairs) and Council of Europe committees. He has been Chairman or Vice Chairman of EU Scientific Committees on Animal Welfare 1990 – 2009 and a member of the EFSA Panel on Animal Health and Welfare until June 2012.  He chaired the O.I.E. group on Welfare of Animals during Land Transport. 


Developing and using methods of evaluating animal welfare.
Assessing cognitive ability in domestic animals including cattle, pigs, sheep and dogs

Animal welfare concepts and assessment, cognitive ability, attitudes to animals, sustainable livestock, ethics of animal usage.


Key publications: 

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Emeritus Professor of Animal Welfare
Available for consultancy


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Small animal
Cognitive ability
Animal welfare science
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