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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School


I qualified as a vet from the University of Cambridge in 2018 and went on to work in first opinion small animal practice in Bedfordshire. I returned to Cambridge in 2021 to study for a PhD under the supervision of Jane Ladlow with the BOAS research group. My work involves the investigation of the specific anatomical variations in brachycephalic dog breeds and the relationship with respiratory function and other breed-related health conditions. This work will aim to further our understanding of the risk of these conditions in certain breeds, help to improve the current health schemes, and also collect data for future genetic studies.



The relationship of conformational and anatomical variations of brachycephalic dog breeds in respiratory, neurological, dermatological and ocular health conditions, considering clinical outcomes and animal welfare.


Key publications: 

Tomlinson F, Terschuur J, Henson F. The use of autologous products forthe treatment of joint and soft tissue disease in horses: A systematic review. Vet Record, 2021;188(2)

Berger K, Pigott DM, Tomlinson F et al. The Geographic Variation of Surveillance and Zoonotic Spillover Potential of Influenza Viruses in Domestic Poultry and Swine. Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 2018;5(12)

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Breed-related conditions