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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School

Comparative and veterinary oncology

As a veterinary clinician and research scientist much of my time is spent treating dogs and cats with a variety of cancers, engaging in clinically oriented research and teaching Veterinary Oncology at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

General clinical research is directed to advance knowledge in the diagnosis and clinical staging of cancer in dogs and to advance treatment of canine cancer by surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and more novel approaches.

Main research interests are in the epidemiology and presentation of different forms of cancer in dogs, including a particular interest in breed predispositions to cancer, especially flat-coated retrievers and histiocytic sarcoma.


Key publications: 

Canine neoplasia in the UK: estimates of incidence rates from a population of insured dogs.  Dobson JM, Samuel S,  Milstein H,  Rogers K,  Wood JLN, JSAP 43: 240 - 246, 2002

Mortality in a Cohort of Flat-coated Retrievers in the UK.  Dobson J.M., Hoather T., McKinley T.J. & Wood J.  Veterinary and Comparative Oncology, 7 (2) : 115 – 121, 2009

The presentation and classification of histiocytic sarcomas in the flat-coated retriever.   Constantino-Casas F., Mayhew D., Hoather T.M. Dobson J.M. Veterinary Pathology May 2011 48: 764-771, first published on October 7, 2010 

The utility of staging in Canine Mast Cell Tumours  Warland J., Amores-Fuster I, Newbury W., Brearley M., Dobson J.  Veterinary and Comparative Oncology, 2012 Dec 12 (4): 287-98, 2014

Comparison of two coarse fractionated radiation protocols for the management of canine pituitary macrotumor: an observational study of 24 dogs Marcinowska A, Warland J, Brearley M, Dobson J.  Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound. 56 (5):554 – 562, 2015

Reader in Veterinary Clinical Oncology

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