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The permanent group members of  CRCCG | Cambridge Resource Centre for Comparative Genomics are Professor Malcolm Ferguson-Smith and Dr. Jorge Pereira.

Professor Malcolm Ferguson-Smith 

Emeritus Professor of Pathology


Dr. Jorge Pereira

Research Associate



Dr Fumio Kasai, previous postdoctoral, is a scientist who visits regularly from Osaka to work on joint projects. 

Past Staff

Angela Noon - 2012

Ana Borges - 2016 (6 months)


The CRCCG laboratory receives study visitors from several Master and PhD students from the numerous cooperations.

Alumni students/staff:

Ivanete Furo (PhD student) - 2017-2018 (1 year)

Rafael Kretschmer (PhD student) - 2017 (3 months)

Willam Oliveira da Silva (PhD student) - 2017 (6 months)


The CRCCG laboratory also receives several visitors through the year. Next one is Carla Ribeiro (Master student) from UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal.

Past visitor(s):

Dr Maris Hindrikson -2018 Post-doctoral Researcher in CIBIO, University of Porto 

Dr Marta Tomaszkiewicz - 2017 (Penn State University-USA)

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