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Key Publications


Mammalian karyotype evolution. Ferguson-Smith, M.A., Trifonov, V. (2007) Nature Reviews Genetics 8:950-962.

Extensive homology of chicken macrochromosomes in the karyotypes of Trachemys scripta elegans and Crocodilus niloticus revealed by chromosome painting despite long divergence times. Kasai, F., O'Brien, PCM., Ferguson-Smith, MA. (2012) Cytogenet. Genome Res. 136:303-307. DOI:10.1159/000338111.

Chromosome homology and evolution in mammals, birds and reptiles: hypothesis on the role of non-coding DNA, in Evolutionary Dynamics of Mammalian KaryotypesFerguson-Smith, MA. (2012), edited by R.Stanyon and A.Graphodatsky. Cytogenet. Genome Res. 137:88-89.

Chromosomal diversity and karyotype evolution in South American macaws(Psittaciformes, Psittacidae). Furo, I de O., Kretchmer, R., O’Brien, PCM., Ferguson-Smith, MA., de Oliviera, EHC. (2015) PLoS ONE 10(6): e0130157. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0130157.

New insights into sex chromosome evolution in anole lizards (Reptilia, Dactyloidae). Giovannotti, M., Trifonov, VA., Paoletti, A., Kichigin, IG., O’Brien, PCM., Kasai, F., Giovagnoli, G., NG, BL., Ruggeri, P., Cerioni,PN., Splendiani, A., Pereira, JC., Olmo, E., Barucci, VC., Ferguson-Smith, MA. (2016) Chromosoma DOI 10.1007/s00412-016-0585-6.

Recent Publications