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List of Publications

Recent Publications

553. KASAI, F., O’BRIEN, PCM., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA. (2012) Reassessment of genome size in turtle and crocodile based on chromosome measurement by flow karyotyping: close similarity to chicken. Biology Letters 8:631-635.  doi:10.1098/rsbl.2012.0141.

554. KASAI, F., O'BRIEN, PCM., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA. (2012) Extensive homology of chicken macrochromosomes in the karyotypes of Trachemys scripta elegans and Crocodilus niloticus revealed by chromosome painting despite long divergence times. Cytogenet.Genome Res. 136:303-307. DOI:10.1159/000338111.

555. VENTURA, K., YONENAGA-YASSUDA, Y., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA (2012)  Variable patterns of Y chromosome homology in Akodontini rodents (Sigmodontinae): a phylogenetic signal revealed by chromosome painting. Chromosome Res. 20:427-433.

556. POKORNÁ, M., GIOVANNOTTI, M., KRATOCHVÍL, L., CAPUTO, V., OLMO, E., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., RENS,W. (2012)  Conservation of chromosomes syntenic with avian autosomes in squamate reptiles revealed by comparative chromosome painting. Chromosoma  121: 409-418.

557.  FERGUSON-SMITH, MA. (2012) Cytogenetics and early days at the Moore Clinic with Victor McKusick. Chapter 7 in Victor McKusick and the history of Medical Genetics, edited by K.R. Dronamraju and C.A.Francomano. Springer, New York.  pp 53-66.

558. FERGUSON-SMITH, MA. (2012) Chromosome homology and evolution in mammals, birds and reptiles: hypothesis on the role of non-coding DNA, in Evolutionary Dynamics of Mammalian Karyotypes, edited by R.Stanyon and A.Graphodatsky.  Cytogenet.Genome Res. 137:88-89

559. MILHOMEM, SSR., SCACCHETTI, PC., PIECZARKA, JC., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., PANSONATO-ALVES, JC.,O’BRIEN, PCM, FORESTI, F., NAGAMACHI, CY. (2013) Are NORs always located on homeologous chromosomes?  A FISH investigation with rDNA and whole chromosome probes in Gymnotus fishes (Gymnotiformes). PLoS ONE 8(2): e55608. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0055608.

560. HASHIMOTO, DT., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., RENS,W., PRADO, FD., FORESTI, F., PORTO-FORESTI, F. (2013)  Cytogenetic mapping of H1 histone and ribosomal RNA genes in hybrids between catfish species Pseudoplatystoma corruscans and Pseudoplatystoma reticulatum. Cytogenet.Genome Res.139:102-106.

561. NAGAMACHI, CY., PIECZARKA, JC., O’BRIEN, PCM., PINTO, JA., MALCHER, SM.,  PEREIRA, AL., das DORES RISSINO, J.,  MENDES-OLIVIERA, AC., ROSSI, RV., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA. (2013) FISH with whole chromosome and telomeric probes demonstrates huge karyotypic reorganization with ITS between two species of Orzmyini (Sigmodontinae, Rodentia): Hylaemys megacephalus probes on Cerradomys langguthi karyotype. Chromosome Res. 21: 1-13.

562. CHUNG  KANG, H., QUIGLEY, DA., KIM, I-J., WAKABAYASHI, Y., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., D’ALESSANDRO, M., LANE, EB., AKHURST, RJ., GOUDIE, DR., BALMAIN,A. (2013) Multiple self-healing epithelioma (MSSE): rare variants in an adjacent region of chromosome 9q22.3 to known TGFBR1 mutations suggest a digenic or multilocus etiology.  J. Invest. Dermatol.133: 1907-1910.

563. PARISE-MALTEMPI, PP., da SILVA, EL., RENS, W., DEARDEN, F., O’BRIEN, PCM, TRIFONOV, V., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA. (2013) Comparative analysis of sex chromosomes in Leporinus species (Teleostei, Characiformes) using chromosome painting. BMC Genetics 14:60.

564. de OLIVEIRA, EHC., TAGLIARINI, MM., dos SANTOS, MS., O’BRIEN, PCM., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA. (2013) Chromosome painting in three species of Buteonidae: a cytogenetic signature reinforces the monophyly of South American species. PLoS ONE 8(7): e70071. doi:10.1371/ journal.pone.0070071.

565. LI, G., DAVIS, BW., RAUDSEPP, T., PEARKS-WILKERSON, A., MASON, VC., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., O’BRIEN, PCM., MURPHY, WJ. (2013) Comparative analysis of mammalian Y chromosomes illuminates ancestral structure and lineage-specific evolution. Genome Research. 23:1486-1495; doi:10.1101/gr.1542.

566. PIECZARKA, JC., GOMES, AJB., NAGAMACHI, CY., ROCHA, DCC., RISSINO, JD., O’BRIEN, PCM., YANG, F., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA. (2013)  A phylogenomic analysis using multidirectional painting of three species (Uroderma magnirostrum, U. bilobatum and Artebeus obscurus) of subfamily Stenodermatinae (Chiroptera-Phyllostomidae). Chromosome Res.  21: 383–392. DOI 10.1007/s10577-013-9365-9

567. SPINNER, NB., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., LEDBETTER, DH. (2013) Cytogenetic Analysis, in Emery and Rimoin’s Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics, 5th edition. Churchill Livingstone, London. pp 1-18.

568. TRIFONOV, VA., DEMENTYEVA, PV., LARKIN, DM., O’BRIEN, PCM, PERELMAN, PL., YANG, F., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., GRAPHODATSKY, AS. (2013) Transcription of a protein-coding gene on B chromosomes of the Siberian roe deer (Capreolus pygargus).  BMC Biology11:90

569. KASAI, F., O’BRIEN, PCM., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA. (2013) The bat genome: GC-biased small chromosomes associated with reduction in genome size. Chromosoma.122: 535-540. DOI 10.1007/s00412-013-0426-9.

570. KASAI, F., O’BRIEN, PCM., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA. (2013) Afrotheria genome; overestimation of genome size and distinct chromosome GC content revealed by flow karyotyping. Genomics 102:468-471.

571.NAGAMACHI, CY., PIECZARKA, JC., MILHOMEN, SSR., BATISTA,JA., O’BRIEN, PCM., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA. (2013). Chromosome painting reveals multiple rearrangements between Gymnotus capenema and Gymnotus carapo (Gymnotidae, Gymnotoformes). Cytogenet.Genome Res. 414:163-168. DOI:10.1159/000354988.

572. RIBAS, TFA., RODRIGUES, LRR., NAGAMACHI, CY., GOMES, AJB., BENATHAR, TCM., O’BRIEN, PCM., YANG, F., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., PIECZARKA, JC. (2013) Two new cytotypes reinforce that Micronycteris hirsuta, Peters 1869 does not represent a monotypic taxon.  BMC Genetics 14:119

573. RODRIGUES, BS., DE ASSIS, MDL., O’BRIEN, PCM., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., DE OLIVEIRA, EHC. (2014). Chromosome studies on Coscoroba coscoroba (Aves:Anseriformes) reinforce the Coscoroba-Cereopsis clade.  Bio. J. Linnean Soc. 111:274-279

574.  KRETSCHMER, R., GUNSKI, RJ., CAMERO, ADELV., FURO, IDEO., O’BRIEN, PCM., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., de OLIVEIRA, EH. (2014) Molecular cytogenetic characterization of multiple intrachromosomal rearrangements in two representative species of the genus Turdus (Turdidae, Passeriformes). PLoS One :9e103338

575.  LITHGOW PE, O'CONNOR R, SMITH D, FONSEKA G, AL MUTERY A, RATHJE C, FRODSHAM R, O'BRIEN P, KASAI F, FERGUSON-SMITH MA, SKINNER, BM., GRIFFIN, DK. (2014) Novel tools for characterising inter and intra chromosomal rearrangements in avian microchromosomes.  Chromosome Research. 22:85-97

576. FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., GOUDIE, DR. (2014) Digenic/multilocus aetiology of multiple self-healing squamous epithelioma (Ferguson-Smith disease): TGFBR1 and a second linked locus. Int J Biochem Cell Biol.,

577. FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., BAVINGTON, LD. (2014). Natural selection for genetic variants in sport: the role of Y chromosome genes in elite female athletes with 46,XY DSD. Sports Medicine. 44: 1629-1634.  DOI: 10.1007/s40279-014-0249-8.

578. NIE, W., O’BRIEN, PCM., FU, B., WANG, J., SU, W., BED’HOM, B.,VOLOBUEV, V., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., YANG, F.  (2014) Karyotype evolution in Accipitridae revealed by multidirectional chromosome painting. BMC Evolutionary Biology.

579. SONKSEN, P., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., BAVINGTON, LD., HOLT, RIG., COWAN, DA., CATLIN, DH., KIDD, B., DAVIS, G., DAVIS, P., EDWARDS, L., TAMAR-MATTIS, A. (2014).  Medical and ethical concerns regarding women with hyperandrogenism and elite sport. J.Clin.Endocrinol. Metab. doi:10.12.10/jc.2014-3206.

580.  DI-NIZO, CN., VENTURA, K.,  FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., O’BRIEN, PCM., YONENAGA-YASSUDA, Y., SILVA, NJJ. (2015). Comparative chromosome painting in six species of Oligoryzomys (Rodentia, Sigmodontinae) and the karyotype evolution of the genus.  PLoS One:DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0117579.

581.  KRETSCHMER, R., de OLIVEIRA, EHC., dos SANTOS, MS., FURO, IO., O’BRIEN, PCM., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., GARNERO, AV., GUNSKI, RJ. (2015). Chromosome mapping of the large Elaenia (Elaenia spectabilis): evidence for a cytogenetic signature for passeriform birds.  Biol. J. Linnean Soc. (in press).

582.  .POKORNA, MJ., TRIFONOV, VA., RENS, W., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., KRATOCHVIL, L. (2015) Low rate of interchromosomal rearrangements during old radiation of  gekkotan lizaards (Squamata: Gekkota). Chromosome Research DOI: 10.1007/s10577-015-9468-6. 583.

583. RIBAS, TFA., RODRIGUES,  LRR., NAGAMACHI, CY., GOMES, AJB., RISSINO, JD., O’BRIEN, PCM., YANG, F., FERGUSON-SMITH, MA., PIECZARKA, JC. (2015) Phylogenetic reconstruction by cross-species chromosome painting and G-banding in four species of Phyllostomini tribe (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae) in the Brazilian Amazon: an independent evidence for monophyly. PLoS One:10(3):e122845.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0122845.

584. FERGUSON-SMITH, MA. (2015) History and evolution of cytogenetics. Mol.Cytogenet. 8(1):2015. DOI 10.1186/s13039-015-0125-B.