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What you should expect from students

  • To be available when requested, but also to initiate meetings themselves when appropriate.
  • Adherence to the agreed research procedures, training programmes etc. and that the student is diligent.
  • Strict adherence to good and safe working practice. This includes both using equipment safely and expeditiously, correct Home Office procedures (where applicable) and acceptable behaviour (i.e. towards you and other members of your group). Training in these areas counts as credits.
  • Correct and verifiable record keeping. Teach them how to keep a lab book!
  • Participation in lab and Departmental meetings as agreed under 2.1F above. Lab Meetings, the Departmental Wednesday Seminar Programme and Friday morning seminar session, and at least one Journal Club should be considered mandatory for all students. In addition students should be encouraged to attend appropriate smaller groupings like the Disease Dynamics Units,  the Animal Welfare seminars or VIROS.
  • Active contribution not only to the practical aspects of the research, but also to its planning and initiation. This is likely to be more apparent as the student progresses; at first there will be considerable need for guidance, but this should diminish as the research proceeds. Students should be encouraged to become progressively more independent. They should undertake a thesis study planning exercise when they do their literature review, and they will make a plan of the actual thesis as well as detailed experimental plans as second year milestones.
  • Intellectual property rights. The default position of the University on IPR is that IPR created by a student remains with the student (subject to third party agreements). This can be modified by the University’s assertion of ownership of IP in the case of patents with significant commercial value.  In this Department we routinely assume that IP may be shared amongst research teams working on any project, but this should be discussed with the student. You should also point out that the submitted thesis is a public document. Arrangement can be made to impose confidentiality for a limited period, but this arrangement is only granted when requested in advance by a sponsor or similar. Third party agreements on IP should only be entered into with advice from Cambridge Enterprise and RSD.