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Termly reports

You are required to report on each of your students every term using the Cambridge Graduate Supervision Reporting System (CGSRS) on CamSIS.  For the Department, this is an early warning system. If progress is satisfactory then you simply need to say so (a tick box is provided – but see below). However, where things are less satisfactory, a short report, highlighting the problem areas and how they might be resolved is needed. Note that we live in an age of transparency, and students not only have access to these reports, but are encouraged to read them, so that no-one can say I didn’t know.  You can also use these reports to encourage the student by praising good progress etc. They are also read by the Degree Committee, student’s College and Board of Graduate Studies, who all take an interest in the student's progress. If you need to make confidential remarks, please do so in a separate communication to Dr Sargan or the Graduate Office. If you do so in a letter or e-mail, please mark it CONFIDENTIAL. The University will keep such material confidential in so far as it is able under the Data Protection Act. If you are not used to CamSIS a simple guide is available through the Graduate Office.