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Second year report

The Departmental Graduate Education Committee believes that it is also necessary to conduct a short assessment at the end of the student’s second year.  A reminder will be sent when such assessments are due.

Objectives.  This second-year assessment has two objectives: One, to ensure that the student is continuing to progress appropriately; and two, to ensure that the student has the best opportunity to complete their studies within three years.

Format of student’s report.  We believe that it is imperative that this assessment takes up as little time as possible for both student and supervisor.  We therefore ask that produce a report, before the end of their second year, of 1000-2000 words, listing in concise form (possibly note form) their major achievements in their first two years of work and in more detail those experiments that they still have to complete.  This should also include a timetable of how completion will be achieved.

Assessment/Reporting.  This short paper should be assessed by the supervisor and advisor, again in a meeting with the student.  (Remember that for a student to complete within three years, they generally need to have finished experimental work with at least four months still to go.  The timetable should be looked at on this basis.)  A short single-paragraph report on the supervisor’s headed notepaper should be sent after this meeting to the Departmental Graduate Office, to be included in the student’s file.