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What students expect from you

We ask students to sign that they have read and understood a statement that lists the duties and responsibilities that they have to the University.  In return, we also tell them what they can expect from us.

“The student may further expect that the supervisor

  • Will establish an effective means of communication with the student
  • Will make clear their expectations of frequency and timings of meetings, making sure that the student knows how to make contact at other times.
  • Will respond promptly and appropriately to requests from students to meet and to comment on work at the various stages of development. If a Supervisor is to be away from Cambridge for an extended period, he or she should ensure that students and the Director of Graduate Education are aware of this and should inform them of back-up supervisory arrangements
  • Will establish the suitability of the topic proposed for the degree sought, in the light of resource availability, the University’s timescale for submission of the thesis, and the student’s background and aptitude
  • Will guide the student in planning, focusing and developing the study
  • Will (with the Department) monitor progress against the agreed timetable and plan for the work and take appropriate action if the student does not keep in contact, or progress is poor
  • Will ensure that assessments are performed as needed for the course and in a timely fashion, and will forward examiners assessments to the Degree Committee
  • Will report on the student’s progress regularly through CamSIS
  • Will (with the Department) ensure that the terms of any sponsorship agreement and any implications regarding the ownership of intellectual property rights are made clear to the student at the outset and are honoured during the course and the examination of the thesis.”