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Student's personal log / milestones

The accuracy of this Log is the responsibility of the student, but you should inspect it sign off items recorded in it. Designated meetings, and a set of milestones which have defined objectives, should be recorded in the student’s Personal Log, as well as courses attended.  These are given below:


Milestones (3y funded PhD track):

  • Advisor appointed, personal learning plan completed – four weeks after start.
  • Literature review & short work plan completed  - by beginning of second term.
  • First year report planning discussion – by beginning of third term.
  • First year report submitted by end of 10th month after start (end July for October starts).
  • First year assessment completed by 11½ months after start (Sept 15th for October starts).
  • First Presentation at Departmental postgraduate talk series - 9 to 18 months after start (depends on rota).
  • Second year assessment short report and outline thesis plan - By end of 21st month after start (June of second year for Oct starts).
  • Detailed thesis plan (Complete Paragraph Headings for all chapters) - by 27 months.
  • Revised, thesis-ready literature review - by 30 months.
  • End of lab work - by 33 months (You may plan to end up to three months earlier).
  • Expected submission - 36 months.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a student on a 4y funded PhD then they must complete and submit by the time their funding ends. In consequence they must end lab work by 42 months.

Several of the milestones above are designed as exercises to aid the student in preparing to write their thesis, but also carry training elements (e.g. literature review and thesis plan, 4 credits, first year report, 6 credits etc.). Credits are recorded in the student log.