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Fieldwork Funding

Fieldwork Fund
Funds may be available for PhD students whose fieldwork is not covered by the Slater fund. The trips being funded must require residence outside Cambridge for a minimum of eight weeks, and may include lab visits or other types of fieldwork.  Additional non-travel living expenses and reasonable fieldwork costs may also be claimed. Students whose grant includes research training support elements must utilise those funds first. Students whose research is part of a larger programme within their lab are urged to explain why their fieldwork requires additional support. Students whose applications are successful will be paid in advance but will have to keep a record of expenditure with receipts that will have to be submitted afterwards. Please be aware there are limited funds available to the department.

Applications will be considered twice a year by the Graduate Education Committee at their meetings in June and December. Deadlines to apply are 1st June and 1st December - please send completed application form to Fiona Roby

Application Form - fieldwork funding