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Post -Awards

Post - Awards Procedures

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  1. Where appropriate, the acceptance forms (e.g. as required by BBSRC) necessary to activate the grant should be signed and passed to Fiona Roby for forwarding to the central research office.
    NB - Please note that you should NOT submit these forms directly to the sponser.
  2. Once the Research Office has received an award letter the grant is activated and given a project number (e.g. PNAG/****).
  3. If the start date of the grant is different to that original proposed on the X5 or is delayed, please let Fiona Roby know immediately
  4. Departmental file for grant now passes to Gina Arnold.

Recruitment of staff on a research grant

It is important to get the recruitment process started as soon as possible after a grant is awarded and a start date identified.

  1. If the staff are named on the grant then the employment process can be activated immediately. The PI must inform Julie Ingham of relevant information.
  2. If recruitment of new staff is required on the grant the PI must provide Julie Ingham with a brief description of the lab's work, an outline of the project, an outline of the role and duties of the position in the context of the project, an indication of the qualifications and skills set required for the position (specifying which of these are essential and which desirable) examples can be found by clicking here...

University of Cambridge Financial Regulations