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Departmental Procedure for Submission of Grant Applications

    1. A member of the Research team will arrange an appointment with you to discuss the financial details for your proposal so the X5 can be generated. At this stage, submission deadlines (see guidelines below) will be agreed. 
    2. The Research Team can also give advice on full economic costing, terms and conditions of individual sponsors, IPR etc.
    3. If required, the Research Team can enter financial information on to any application.
    4. Once the X5 has been completed, it will be submitted electronically to the Research Office (if from JeS, a pdf should be created to be sent to the Research Office).  PIs will receive email confirmation of this process.
    5. If submitting a hard copy application form, please send the completed application form to a member of the Research Team at least 5 working days before any official deadline.
    6. PIs will be notified by the Research Office, by email, of the research grant number (RG*****) which has been allocated to their application.
    7. Any correspondence relating to the application should be copied or forwarded to the Research Team e.g. outcome letter (whether successful or not), award letter (detailing breakdown of funds etc.).


  • Costs and Justifications of Resources should be finalised and submitted to the Research team no later than 5 working days before the official deadline.
  • The final application should be submitted to the Research team no later than 24 hours before the deadline. 
  • For proposals where Cambridge is the lead applicant with external partners. External partner costs should be finalised with covering letters no later than 6 working days before the deadline.
  • Letters of support: Vice Chancellor - In order to allow sufficient time for the review and signing of letters, requests for a support letter must be submitted to the Research Strategy Office ( 10 (ten) working days ahead of the sponsor's deadline or other institution's deadline (if another HEI is the lead on the application), whichever is sooner. 

Further Information on Applying for Funding

For further information on applying for a research grant please refer to the guidance notes on the Research Office webpage which can be located by clicking here.