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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School


The Postdoc Committee of the Department of Veterinary Medicine aims to represent the interests of research assistants and associates within the department through furthering scientific, social and intellectual engagement and supporting career development and progression.


The current member of the committee is:

-       Srishti Gupta


Some of our ongoing activities are:


▪       We are working in collaboration with the Department (Prof. Clare Bryant and Natalie Wills -HR) in order to help develop the Departmental Probation and Review schemes to further support Postdocs careers (contact us if you have comments).

▪       We are part of a pilot scheme run by the OPdA to develop a Mentoring Scheme for Postdocs, to provide further career support.

▪       We have developed a buddy scheme for new Postdocs and research assistants in order to welcome them and help them settling in the Department (contact Anaid and Judith Drinkwater to take part).

▪       We represent the Departmental Postdocs at the Postdoc Affairs Working Group and the Departmental Postdoc Committee Chairs Network . In the June 2015 meeting, Kyriaki represented us in discussing OPdA achievements and future plans. In October 2015 Anaid represented us in a discussion with Karina Prasad (Head of the OPdA) about access to appropriate and timely mentoring.

▪       We organised a BBQ for Postdocs and PhD students in July 2015 and organise frequent lunches for Postdocs on the West Cambridge site. Further events will be announced soon.

▪       We are planning activities for inclusion in the upcoming Cambridge Science Festival (19 March 2016).  We are recruiting volunteers! Whether you are interested in helping for an hour or the whole day, please contact Bethany or Anaid for more information.

How can you contribute:

  • Join the committee.
  • Talk to us about any Postdoc issues you want to raise.
  • Give us feedback and suggest social and academic events for the future.

The membership of the committee is on volunteer basis. We meet bi-monthly to discuss actions and progress related to our aims. We are constantly on the lookout for new members.

If you would like to take part, or have questions/suggestions, please contact one of the people above. Alternatively, send an email to the Departmental Postdoc Committee: To contact the Departmental Postdoc list use:

We welcome new people and want to hear your views!

Useful links:

Information for Postdocs:

The Vetmed Postdoc Committee Website- Keep up to date with what we're doing in the department.

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs - For all things to do with Postdocs. Friendly staff on site to help you with everything from settling in to Cambridge to searching for a new position elsewhere.

Pdoc Society - The society for Postdocs. Pastoral care, masterclasses, formal dinners in colleges, social events, etc. This is a brilliant place to meet other Postdocs.

GRASP- Graduate Student and Postdoc Forum [School of the Biological Sciences].

Professional development:

Career Service  - Offers careers advice and information to Postdocs and research assistants. It organises numerous events on career opportunities.

Training and development courses - The Personal and Professional Development office provides many training and development opportunities for research staff.

University of Cambridge Training - This site provides a central point for staff and students of the University for searching and booking a variety of training courses run by participating University training providers.

Talks - The site provides a database of talks in Cambridge open to everyone, and allows you to sign up to email alerts for relevant seminar series.

The Reporter - Reports university business, and also advertises college vacancies if you're interested becoming affiliated with a Cambridge college whilst you're here (both stipendiary and non-stipendiary).