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The Department was very pleased to award the inaugural Andy Jefferies Teaching and Learning Prize to Sophie Hill, one of our equine ambulatory clinicians, in June 2018.

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The prize is sponsored by Andy Jefferies, Emeritus University Pathologist, and formerly Director of Teaching in the Veterinary School, and is awarded on the nomination of veterinary students to a member of academic, clinical or support staff to recognise excellence in the delivery or support of the student learning experience in any of the Department’s taught courses and rotations.
Here is what our students wrote when they nominated Sophie:
“Sophie always goes out of her way to help students learn, particularly those who are not so confident with equine veterinary medicine.
She shows respect for students and treats them as equals.
She never tires of the endless question we ask, and is really great at doing practice vivas, and talking us through cases when we are on long car journeys to the next client.
When examining horses, Sophie always gives ample opportunity for us to learn and to do examinations ourselves, before she discusses the findings and next steps with the owner. This is a good approach, as it makes us think and give possible differentials ourselves before hearing the ‘answer’ given to the client.
Sophie is a very positive person, which in turn makes learning about a subject we are not so familiar with into a positive experience, and she has helped us all to build our confidence enormously.”

We are carrying out an important research project into the development of the nostrils in brachycephalic (short-faced) dog breeds. The breeds that we are looking at in this study are French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs and Pugs. 
If you are a new owner of one of these breeds and would like to help us by taking part in this study, please take a look at the following page:

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Congratulation to Cinzia Cantacessi on their recently published paper in Parasitology which has been awarded the ‘Paper of the Month’ by the editors. For more info and blog post

Congratulations to Chioma Achi

Chioma has just received the University of Cambridge Public Engagement Starter Grant from the Office of External Affairs and Communications.

Farmers play important roles in food-safety and AMR but they are often a neglected and under-targeted group in interventions that concerns the control of antimicrobial resistance. This grant will enable her to engage farmers and provide an opportunity for shared knowledge and interaction that enables them to gain a better understanding of the dangers of AMR hence improving global public health.

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