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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School

Congratulations to Dr David Bainbridge & Dr David Sargan on being one of the winners of The Pilkington Prize 2020!⠀
Head of Department, Professor James Wood says of David, “(He) makes major contributions to the teaching of the veterinary course, as well as the management and promotion of it. As well as covering a significant teaching load, principally in veterinary anatomy, which he evidently brings to life for the students, he has embraced and indeed driven much needed change in the overall veterinary course. If informal student feedback is anything to go back, David is probably the best regarded of all teachers across the first 5 years of the course. He undoubtedly merits a Pilkington Prize for Teaching Excellence.”⠀

Head of Department, Professor James Wood says "David is an outstanding leader of the graduate school in the Department of Veterinary Medicine with exceptional skills in choosing top quality graduate students and then supporting those students throughout their graduate education. In this respect he undertakes discreetly and with maximum efficiency a huge quantity of administrative and organisational work, making a huge and valued contribution to the running of the Department. "⠀
Dr Sargan writes ""I have always considered that assisting in the development of the next generation scientists has been the most important contribution I can make."⠀