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Abby graduated from Cambridge Veterinary School in 2001 and during five years in a busy small animal practice, developed an interest in radiology and ultrasound, and gained the RCVS Certificate in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging.  Abby returned to Cambridge in 2006 to undertake a Residency program in Diagnostic Imaging, and gained the European Diploma in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging in 2009. Abby is an RCVS Fellow, and European Specialist in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging, interested in all aspects of imaging.

Alongside current research in feline biliary imaging, she combines in clinic referral imaging work at Dick White Referrals with teleradiology work, teaching and training residents and interns, and teaching general practitioners and nurses with an interest in imaging. She has generated many peer reviewed papers in veterinary diagnostic imaging, authored several book chapters, served on the ECVDI board and examination committee and is a past Chair of EAVDI BID.


Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging, with a specific interest in feline hepatobiliary imaging, MRI, musculoskeletal imaging and imaging in trauma


Key publications: 
  1. Alvites, R., Caine A., Cherubini GB., Varejão ASP., and Maurício AC. The olfactory bulb in companion animals – anatomy and clinical importance. Brain Sciences (2023) 13(5)713,
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