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I recently graduated from UCL with a Master of Pharmacy degree and decided to pursue research full time instead of clinical training after developing a growing interest in parasitology. My master’s project was supervised by Dr Ruiz in the School of Pharmacy and carried out in Madrid. The project was an investigation into nonspecific cytotoxicity of potentially trypanocidal molecules with a view to suggesting alternative candidates in the treatment of Chagas’ disease. I am on the BBSRC DTP and will complete my PhD project under the primary supervision of Prof Cantacessi. The core aim of my PhD project will be to examine host-parasite-microbe interactions in helminth infections through the development of an in vitro model of the ruminant intestine.


I am interested in optimising an in vitro model of ruminant intestine for its use as a device in mechanistic studies of host-parasite-microbiota relationships. This approach would be an alternative to highly variable field studies and experimental infections of sheep models with GI worms.

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Gut microbiome
Helminth infections