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I am a post-graduate student supervised by Dr Lisa Alves, investigating the association between brain hypoxia and development of neurodegenerative diseases in brachycephalic dogs. I graduated from the University of Porto – Portugal in veterinary medicine and, after less than a year working at a university teaching hospital back in Portugal, began a Junior Clinical Training Scholarship in Small Animals studies at the QVSH – University of Cambridge. I then spent 5 years in small animal general practice, before returning to the QVSH in July 2018 as Junior veterinarian in neurology, which was followed by a residency in neurology and neurosurgery. My training as a veterinary neurologist was completed in March 2022 and I then stayed on at the Cambridge vet school teaching hospital as a Clinical Neurologist.


Clinical Neurology Brain hypoxia Disease pathophysiology


Key publications: 

Walker PE, Freeman P,Monteiro SRM, Bexfield N, Harris G, Radke H,et al. Description of neurological mimics presented to the neurology service of a small animal referral hospital. Vet Rec. 2022;e1268.

Monteiro S, Hughes K, Genain MA, Alves L. Primary histiocytic sarcoma in the brain with renal metastasis causing internal ophtalmoparesis and external ophtalmoplegia in a Maine Coon cat. JFMS Open Rep 2021 Aug 25; 7(2): 20551169211038515.

Monforte Monteiro SR, Rossmeisl JH, Russell J, Holmes MA, Wessmann A, Morris J, Dobson JM, Vanhaesebrouck AE. Effect of radiotherapy on freedom from seizures in dogs with brain tumours. J Vet Intern Med. 2020;34: 1-7. 4. Monteiro SM, Galluci A, Rousset N, Freeman P, Ives E, Gandini G, Granger N, Vanhaesebrouck A. Medical management of spinal epidural empyema in 5 dogs. JAVMA 2016 249 (10), pp. 1180-1186.

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Canine neurology
Brain disease
Neurodegenerative diseases