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24 Mar 2018 Science Festival, Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge (postcode CB3 0ES)

                     Talk title: When cuteness goes wrong - the truth about flat-faced dogs

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15 Mar 2018 1367 dogs had BOAS tested and participated in our study

15 Mar 2018 Tested 24 pugs in Stoneleigh, a BOAS testing event organized by the Kennel Club. 

14 Mar 2018 Our research work is featured in a BBC One documentary "Saving the British Bulldog"! Presented by Catherine Tate


Past Events

05 Feb 2018 BOAS testing biannual report for pugs, French bulldogs, and bulldogs.

26 Nov 2017 Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue BOAS testing day 

05 Nov 2017 Great work! 28 pugs (Northern Pug Dog Club Champ Show) and 10 French bulldogs (French bulldog show
at Penkridge) were BOAS tested at dog shows! 

01 Nov 2017 Amy Stelman RVN, research nurse now joined our group! who will be assisting in our routine BOAS assessments at QVSH! 

31 Oct 2017 Brachycephalic Working Group (BWG) at the Kennel Club, we will be hosting the BWG webpage for a short term.

01 Aug 2017 New article published on University Research News: "No simple way of predicting breathing difficulties in pugs, French bulldogs and bulldogs from external features"

14 Jul 2017 Congratulations! Cambridge BOAS Research Group received the University Public Engagement with Research Awards 2017!

01 Jul 2017 Nai-Chieh Liu won the Zoetis Clinical Research Award and Abcam post-doc research prize! 

21 Jun 2017 The Cambridge BOAS research group attended the Brachycephalic Working Group meeting to discuss further actions to improve the welfare of brachycephalic dogs

28 Feb 2017 Filming Day (Channel 4) - Film for Crufts 2017: Interview with Iwan Thomas and his French bulldog, Frank. 

23 Feb 2017 Congratulations! Our MPhil student Hattie Wright passed her MPhil viva successfully! 

09 Feb 2017 Filming Day (The kennel Club) - BOAS education film. 

02 Feb 2017 New paper published on the Veterinary Surgery! Objective evaluation of the outcome of the BOAS surgery. 

18 Jan 2017 Brachycephalic breeds working group meeting at the Kennel Club. 

20 Dec 2016 Congratulations! Our PhD student Nai-Chieh Liu passed her PhD viva successfully! 

23 Nov 2016 Our MPhil student Eileen Troconis passed her viva successfully!

02 Aug 2016 New article published on The Conversation: "How to save inbred, short-faced dogs such as pugs and bulldogs from poor health". Full article can be found:

27 Jul 2016 David, Jane, and Nai-Chieh attended the Brachycephalic Breeds Working Group meeting at the Kennel Club

18 Jul 2016 Jane Ladlow was interviewed by the Naked Scientists, chatting about the problem with pedigree dogs. 

01 Jul 2016 Brigitta Kara joined our group as a summer student working on audio signal analysis

25 Jun 2016 Nai-Chieh Liu won the Zoetis Clinical Research Award!

20 Mar 2016 BOAS testing at the Pennine and Scottish French Bulldog Association Dog Show. 24 French bulldogs were tested :)  Big thanks to Mrs Mavro-Michaelis for arranging the testing! 

27 Feb 2016 Presentation at the Brachycephalic Conference held by the Swedish Kennel. Dr David Sargan presented our published study and on-going work on genetic basis of BOAS.

05 Jan 2016 Hattie Wright joined the BOAS team as a MPhil student working on the genetic project 

15 Dec 2015 BOAS testing at the Finstar Kennels, big thanks to Abigail! 

15 Nov 2015 BOAS testing at the FBCE End of the Year Party. 11 French bulldogs were tested!

08 Nov 2015 BOAS testing at the Bulldog Show in Willenhall held by the Birmingham and Midland Counties Bulldog Club

17 Oct 2015 BOAS testing at the Bulldog Show in Willenhall held by the Junior Bulldog Breed Club

11 Oct 2015 Presentation at the Pug and Bulldog Health Improvement Day, event held by the Kennel Club

05 Oct 2015 Dr Lajos Kalmar (post-doc research associate) and Eileen Troconis (MPhil student) joined the BOAS team

02-04 Jul 2015 Nai-Chieh Liu presented an abstract at ECVS annual meeting. "Using whole-body barometric plethysmography to evaluate the effectiveness of upper airway surgery for brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome in French bulldogs"

13 Jun 2015 BOAS testing at the Unbenched Single Breed Open Show (Yorkshire Bulldog Club)

31 May 2015 BOAS testing at the bulldog show (Manchester and Counties Bulldog Club)

(to be documented)