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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School

Studying at Cambridge


Fawwaz AlShammari

Fawwaz AlShammari

Phd Student

Supervisor: Prof John Gibson


Having received 2 BSc degrees from Ireland including Biomedical Science and Medical Biotechnology, also gaining Diploma in Philosophy, after completion of performing Arts in New York, USA, I extended my studies to MSc level on Biomedicine in Portsmouth University.  I am currently undergoing my PhD in Cambridge University.  Aside my science background, I volunteer as Paramedic Assistant and First Responder, while writing and publishing fictional novels.

Subject groups/Research projects

Comparative Pathobiology:

Research Interests


A better development for patient’s care, pandemic and epidemic disease control, deciphering epidemic related dissease such as Anaemia and HIV under Molecular level.




  • Anaemia
  • Molecular Biology