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Maximilian Stammnitz

Maximilian Stammnitz

Supervisor: Elizabeth Murchison

Transmissible Cancer in Tasmanian Devils


Together with Dr. Elizabeth Murchison's Transmissible Cancer Group, Max is studying the genetics of Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). His work mainly encompasses broad analyses of cancer genomics datasets and bioinformatics applications. Max joined the Cambridge Department of Veterinary Medicine after completing a Computational Biology MPhil degree at the University of Cambridge Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP), subsequent to a BSc in Biology from the University of Freiburg.

Subject groups/Research projects

Genetics and Oncology:

Departments and Institutes

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute:

Research Interests

Cancer Genome Informatics, Population Genetics, Next-Generation Sequencing, Scientific Programming in R


  • Genomics
  • Transmissible cancers
  • Bioinformatics
  • Disease Ecology
  • Tasmanian devil facial tumour disease (DFTD)

Key Publications

Agne, M., *Stammnitz, M.R., et al. (2014). Modularized CRISPR/dCas9 Effector Toolkit for Target-Specific Gene Regulation. ACS Synthetic Biology 3(12). doi: 10.1021/sb500035y

*Joint-first authorship between 18 fellow students at the University of Freiburg, Germany