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Rebecca Molena


I was awarded my Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Equine Science from Harper Adams University following completion of the course at Reaseheath College in 2016. My dissertation was an industry-based project that investigated three variations of the McMaster flotation technique for efficacy, sensitivity and specificity for identification and evaluation of an equine strongyle burden. The conclusions drawn suggested that the increase in anthelmintic resistance amongst strongyles may be due to over-administration of anthelmintic as a result of an inaccurate test results.


In January 2017, I started an MPhil in Veterinary Science at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Dr Cinzia Cantacessi and Dr Laura Peachey, to continue this line of research. The primary aim is to quantify the reliability of diagnostic tools used for the evaluation of equine cyathostomin burden and identification within the host and to investigate the rate of anthelmintic resistance within particular species of equine cyathostomins, after treatment with specific anthelmintics.

Subject groups/Research projects

Infection and Immunity:

Research Interests

My main research interests reside within equine parasitology, in particular equine strongylosis.  My aims are to identify the most accurate available diagnostic technique that provides a true representation of the strongyle burden within the host. As a result, over-administration of anthelmintics would be reduced, thus decreasing the rate of resistance amongst strongyles. I am also particularly passionate about the development of a diagnostic technique that evaluates the burden of cyathostomins during their hypobiotic state, in order to treat the host to reduce the severity of clinical symptoms from occurring during the migration into the intestinal tract.


Key Publications

Equine parasitology


Daignostic techniques

Anthelmintic resistance