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Upon completing my BSc in Biochemistry at the University of Nairobi, I was offered an internship opportunity at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust where I did a study alongside the malaria immunology group. I later joined the US Army Medical Research Unit to work alongside the influenza surveillance group. In July 2015, I was offered a Commonwealth Scholarship by DFID to pursue an MSc in International Health & Tropical Medicine at Oxford. Whilst there, I worked with the malaria vaccine research group at the Jenner Institute. In March 2016, I founded the STEMing Africa Initiative to advocate for the active inclusion of women in STEM by supporting talented female graduates in STEM to secure scholarships for advanced degrees. I am currently a 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow. I was also fortunate enough to get a Gates Cambridge scholarship in 2018 and will be pursuing a PhD in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Cambridge. 


I have always had a keen passion for infectious disease research. I have worked on a variety of topics such as Malaria immunology, Influenza surveillance, and Malaria vaccine development. At KEMRI Wellcome trust I conducted a study on the impact of the declining malaria transmission on childhood immunity. Later on during my MSc at Oxford, I did a study on the isolation and characterization of malaria specific monoclonal antibodies from the B cells of naturally immune adults. For my PhD project at Cambridge, I will be exploring the occurrence patterns of Anthrax in Kenya and Uganda using the ecological niche model. Anthrax threatens food security and the economic productivity of Kenya. This study will apply mathematical modelling to develop risk maps to guide activities such as targeted vaccination campaigns conducted by the government and other stakeholders involved in the prevention and control of Anthrax in Kenya and Uganda.



Key publications: 

Nkumama I. N., Thairu A., Feng G., Murungi L. M., Ndolo V. N., Guleid F.H., Boyle M., Reiling L., Mburu J., Mwangi G., Odera D., Wambua J., Nyangweso G., Lowe B., Mosobo M., Kamuyu G., Tuju J., Kinyanjui S., Bejon P., Conway D., Beeson J. G., Marsh K., & Osier F.H.A. (2017). More falciparum Malaria as Transmission Intensity Falls and Acquired Immunity Wanes (in press).


 Valentina  Ndolo

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Ecological niche modelling